Thoughts and Stuff V2.0 for 2016.

cropped-cropped-untitled11.pngI’m back! I know I have not been very present lately, more exactly over the past five months. I could tell you that I had nothing interesting to say but it is a bit’ more complicated than that. Explanations.If you are one the four persons who have read all my articles (and if you are not my mom), you will be happy to hear that I will be back in 2016 with more articles, visualisations, experiences and reflexions than last year.

You might have noticed that I haven’t published much since June. To be honest, I did manage to write and publish my fair share of texts… Just not on this blog. I published my first batch of scholarly articles, I worked on my thesis, and co-wrote papers about where I live with a bunch of friends. So you might understand why I had to forget about this platform and DataViz for a while.

But I’m glad I did! Mainly because the good people at Gephi (the DataViz software I usually use) just  presented its new version. And let me tell you, it is great!!! It is faster, easier, smoother, more beautiful, and altogether more powerful. I promise that I will write a post soon showing you what I like about it. I might wait until I can get to use most of the plug-ins I like… But soon I promise.

I also worked on a few controversies online and in Brussels, including a couple that I presented in Cardiff in August and for which I used Gephi. I’ll summarize them in a couple posts soon.

Finally, I am also planning to write on actor-network theory and its link with representations data, relationship and change.

I will be back with all of this soon. Until then, best wishes for 2016!

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